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Fully Funded North Macedonia Scholarships 2023/2024

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There are many Fully funded Scholarships in North Macedonia.

North Macedonia is recognized for its long history from the first millennium BCE. It is located entirely within the territory of the Balkans and is landlocked. North Macedonia is one of the more intriguing countries worldwide. The Romans, the Slavs, the Ottomans, and the Serbs are only some significant political powers occupying North Macedonia’s territory.

Since its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, North Macedonia has made great strides in reorganizing its economy and providing its citizens with a solid social support network. As a result of these efforts, the country is now in a position to be considered for membership in the highly regarded European Union.

List Of Fully funded North Macedonia Scholarships 

In this piece, we will provide a rundown of the most advantageous educational grants and awards available to North Macedonia students.

IBU Scholarship Program

The International University Balkan is responsible for administering the IBU scholarship program. The development and progress made in educational and scientific fields are the driving forces behind the establishment of this scholarship. On the other hand, the Education and Cultural Foundation, often known as (USKUP), is the one who is sponsoring this scholarship. The fact that all of the classes in this scholarship program are conducted in English is one of its many positive aspects. On the other hand, it is regarded as one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in Southeast European countries. The scholarship award is solely determined by the student’s grade point average (GPA). The tuition fee waiver is up to either 50% or 100%. However, if the student’s GPA is between 3.0 and 3.99, they may be eligible for a €500 reduction in tuition per semester.

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IUST Scholarship Programs

IUST is a private university of North Macedonia that offers faculties and programs in liberal arts study. Students from other countries can apply for one of the many available scholarships. They will be able to thrive academically in a school of this kind as a result. The tuition fee waiver for the scholarship is contingent on the chosen study program and the degree that will be awarded. Yet, they alleviate a significant portion of students’ financial stress during their educational journey by covering practically all the high costs.

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Fulbright Macedonia Scholarship Program

It is a program established in the United States of America that assists candidates from other countries who wish to study in North Macedonia. This scholarship program is open to students pursuing any degree level, including a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree. This Fulbright Scholarship is available to students through the English Teaching Assistantship Program, which includes:

Only American students in their last year at an American university can apply for this scholarship. Students must be citizens of the United States.

After enrolling in a university in North Macedonia, you can submit an application to be considered for a Fulbright scholarship.

Meanwhile, students, instructors, and professional researchers interested in conducting research projects in their respective professions and who wish to carry out their research can apply for this fellowship.

There is no requirement to provide a letter of affiliation to qualify for this award.

However, preference will be given to students enrolled in the following study programs: Information and Technology, Civil Society, Human Rights, Public Services, Economic Development, Journalism and Media, and Medical and Agricultural Sciences.

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Title VIII Research Scholar Program

Students from North Macedonia have access to a scholarship program that is financially supported thanks to a partnership with the government of the United States of America. They provide a Research and Language Training Program that awards funding based on the recipient’s level of accomplishment.

It is open to students pursuing graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees in their respective fields. To participate in this scholarship program, the applicant must prove they are a United States citizen. It is a program entirely supported by the Department of State in the United States.

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Students from Asia and Europe are eligible to apply for this fellowship, allowing them to continue their studies for up to nine months.

Flight tickets to and from North Macedonia are included in the benefits. A waiver of the tuition charge, monthly expenditures, insurance, and accommodation are all included.

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Merit-Based & Merit + NEED Scholarships

These scholarships are provided by “Southeast European University.” It is one of the most renowned universities in North Macedonia, famous for its high-quality education and exceptional educational system. These two scholarships are intended to assist students financially throughout their academic careers. The tuition fee discount for merit-based scholarship recipients is approximately 40%. This grant is based on high school performance and grade point average. CGPA of 5.00 (for a 60% tuition cost reduction)

4.50 to 4.99 GPA (for a 40% tuition discount).

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European University Scholarships

The European University confers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees in various subject areas, including dentistry, criminology, art and design, informatics, economics, law, and dental technicians, amongst others.

Around 70% of applicants were granted admission to European universities throughout the past few years. The European University does not require applicants to submit any sort of application to enroll there. A one-time administrative fee costs 1,200 MKD (about twenty euros).

The European University offers a variety of scholarships, such as the Scholarships “PROF.DO BOJO ANDRESKI” to health professionals, Full Scholarships, Partial Scholarships, etc., to students interested in pursuing a degree there.

IELTS is a prerequisite for enrollment at the European University. The institution will accept evidence of language competency in various forms, including but not limited to the TOEFL, a certificate from a language school, and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

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International University of Struga Scholarships

The International University of Struga allows students to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in various disciplines, including political science, international relations, law, economy and business, information technology, computer science, forensics, economics, and more.

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In recent years, admission to the International University of Struga was granted to approximately 44% of applicants. By applying to the International University of Struga, you will not be required to pay any application fee.

IUST Scholarship Program, Exchange Programs, and similar opportunities are part of the International University of Struga’s scholarship offerings. IELTS scores are not required for admission to the International University of Struga.

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State University in Tetovo Scholarships

The University of Tetovo allows students to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in various disciplines, including agriculture and biotechnology, applied sciences, arts, business administration, economics, food technology, and nutrition.

In previous years, the University of Tetovo had an acceptance rate of approximately 74% of applicants. There are no admissions requirements or costs to apply to the University of Tetovo.

The University of Tetovo offers a variety of scholarships, including the University of Tetovo Scholarships for Outstanding Students, Scholarships in Hungary, Scholarships for German Language Courses in Bavaria, and Scholarships for Students of Social Categories.

IELTS scores are not required for admission to the University of Tetovo.

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University American College Skopje – UACS

UACS provides education at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in a variety of fields, including economics and management, law, political science and psychology, architecture and design, foreign languages, computer science, and information technology, among other fields.

In recent years, University American College Skopje’s acceptance rate ranged between 90 and 100 percent. By applying to the University of American College Skopje, you will not be required to pay any application fees.

The University American College Skopje foundation scholarships award ten students with financial assistance through the scholarship that the University provides.

The University of American College Skopje demands IELTS. The scores of the TOEFL iBT exam are also accepted for admission purposes at the university.

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