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Fully Funded Scholarships in China For International Students 2023/2024

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China’s Fully Funded Scholarships 2023 

If you are interested in pursuing your education in China and have considered doing so in the past, you will be pleased to learn that the country offers a number of academic scholarships. Students from other countries are welcome to enroll at Chinese institutions, and some of them even provide financial aid in the form of scholarships supported financially by the central government of China, various province governments, and individual universities.

The following is a list of the highest-paying Chinese Scholarships in 2023 that are available for overseas students and are being provided by 270+ Chinese Universities as part of different Chinese academic financing schemes.

List Of China’s Fully Funded Scholarships 2023

Jiangsu Government Scholarships 

This scholarship, which is offered by the Provincial Government of Jiangsu, has been established with the intention of fostering the expansion of higher education opportunities in Jiangsu. It is made available to students who desire to attend classes in Jiangsu Province on a full-time basis, as well as exchange students and students who are not working for a degree, thanks to partnerships between the provincial government and local institutions.

The Jiangsu scholarship will pay for all of your educational expenses, as well as provide you with a place to live and full medical coverage. In addition, the province offers students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship that provides them with a yearly stipend of a specified amount. You are welcome to go to the website that is devoted to education in Jiangsu if you would want further information about the scholarship.

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Hubei Provincial government Scholarships 

Scholarships provided by the provincial government of Hubei are available to overseas students who want to pursue their education at a university located in Hubei. University students’ tuition fees are covered by this program, which is overseen by the Ministry of Education in the province of Hubei. Scholarship recipients get a certain sum each year to cover their annual tuition costs, a stipend to help with living expenses, and lodging.

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There are several types of scholarships offered by the Hubei provincial government, including Undergraduate Scholarships, Graduate Scholarships, Doctoral Scholarships, General Scholar Scholarships, and Advanced Scholar Scholarships. These scholarships offered by the Hubei government are further divided into two categories: fully funded and partially financed scholarships.

Students must have a strong work ethic, be in pristine health, and not receive financial assistance from the Chinese government or any other institution located in China in order to be considered for admission. Visit the website of the Hubei provincial government or the University websites located in the Hebei province of China to learn more about these funding opportunities for higher education.

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Beijing Government Scholarships 

Scholarships for the city of Beijing are given out by the Beijing Municipal Government. It pays for either all or part of the tuition costs that overseas students have to pay. This award is open to students in Beijing who are pursuing degrees at any level, from undergraduate to doctoral. Students are required to submit a new application for the scholarship each year.

The scholarship to study in Beijing can only be applied for by students who do not already have any other scholarships of their own and who are in good physical health. The website run by the Beijing Municipal Government is a good place to look for additional information regarding the scholarship.

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International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute) Scholarships 

This fellowship opportunity is made available by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in partnership with the Government of the People’s Republic of China. Students from specific member nations are eligible to participate in this program. Students and scholars are given the opportunity to conduct advanced studies and research at a number of Chinese institutions thanks to this initiative.

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In order to be accepted for the program, applicants need to have a solid grasp of the English language and demonstrate that they are in good health. Visit the website of UNESCO in order to obtain additional details regarding the program. You can also apply by contacting the National

Commission of UNESCO in your home country for additional information and to submit your application.

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Jiangsu University (JSU) Presidential Scholarships 

Jiangsu University provides financial aid in the form of scholarships to overseas students who want to study in degree programs that are taught in English. Students enrolled at the institution who are working toward a master’s degree or a doctoral degree, as well as those students working toward a bachelor’s degree, are eligible for the scholarships. The institution is able to give financial assistance in the form of full and partial scholarships. The results of the yearly assessment will be used to determine whether or not certain scholarships will continue to be awarded the following year. Visit the website of Jiangsu University if you are curious in this topic and desire to get further information.

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The Schwarzman Scholars Program 

Students who are interested in obtaining a master’s degree in Global Affairs from Tsinghua University in Beijing, which is widely regarded as one of the most renowned educational facilities in China, are encouraged to apply for participation in this Schwarzman program. Students must have earned their undergraduate degree from an institution that is recognized and reputable in their home country, be less than 29 years old, and have a strong command of the English language in order to be considered for participation in this program.

Students who are chosen to participate in the program are awarded a full scholarship that includes not only their tuition costs but also their lodging and board, their health insurance, the cost of transport to and from Beijing, the cost of an in-country study trip, as well as their books and supplies. In addition, a stipend is provided to the students who are chosen. Utilize the webpage for the program to educate yourself more on the subject.

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NPU Scholarships 

Each year, Northwestern Polytechnical University provides overseas students studying in China with the opportunity to receive either a fully funded scholarship or a half scholarship. These

NPU Presidential Scholarships are offered to individuals who are interested in furthering their education by enrolling in either an undergraduate, graduate or doctorate program. Scholarships from NPU cover the cost of full tuition, as well as providing a monthly stipend, free housing, free medical insurance, and the cost of attending conferences.

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MOFCOM Scholarships 

The MOFCOM Scholarship was established by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China to further enhance communication and cooperation between China and other countries and nurture talents for developing nations. Beginning in 2015, the MOFCOM Scholarship will primarily provide financial assistance to young and middle-aged individuals from recipient nations so that they may continue their postgraduate studies in China. The China Scholarship Council will manage the MOFCOM Scholarship.

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Harbin Institute Scholarships 

International students have the opportunity to receive either a fully funded scholarship or a partial scholarship via the Harbin University Scholarship Program each year. Students at Harbin University who are interested in pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degrees are eligible to apply for these funding opportunities. The scholarships offered by Harbin University cover the cost of full tuition, as well as providing a monthly stipend, free housing, free medical insurance, and the cost of attending conferences.

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