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Fully Funded Mayotte Scholarships 2023/2024

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As a student from Mayotte, finding opportunities for fully funded international scholarships can be a challenging task. However, there are many scholarship opportunities available specifically for students from Mayotte to study abroad in France. These scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and travel expenses, providing an excellent opportunity for Mayotte students to pursue their academic goals without financial barriers. In this article, we will explore some of the fully funded international scholarships available for Mayotte students to study in France and how to apply for them.

List Of Fully Funded International Scholarships for Mayotte Students

In this comprehensive list, we’ve compiled some of the top scholarships available to Mayotte students. These scholarships cover a wide range of fields and provide opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies in top universities in France.

Rennes School of Business Scholarships

Students who are accepted into one of the university’s several Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs are eligible to receive this prize. There are many different scholarships available to students at this institution, including the Talent Scholarship, the Unframed Scholarship, the Solidarity Fund Scholarship, and the “Bienvenue en France” Scholarship. This university scholarship program offers up to € 5,000 per student and per academic year in order to encourage students to pursue higher education in France.

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Sophie Germain Scholarship in France

Students who are interested in pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in mathematics and its applications in France may be eligible for the Sophie Germain Scholarship. Students from France and other countries who are interested in pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in a field related to “Mathematics and Applications” are eligible to apply for the Sophie Germain Scholarship. The Master’s scholarship program can be completed in either one or two years, while the Doctor of Philosophy program can be completed in four years (from M2 to PhD).

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IMDEA and OROSOUND Scholarships to Study in France

This scholarship program provides financial assistance to deserving international students pursuing a Master’s degree. Any applicants who intend to pursue a Master’s degree at Le Mans University are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The Master’s degree programs at Le Mans University are listed below. The IMDEA and OROSOUND scholarship program is designed to assist international students in pursuing higher education in France. The scholarship allots € 7,000 to each student for each academic year, for a maximum of two years. Among these prestigious scholarships, there is a fantastic opportunity to study in France.

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Erasmus Mundus SERP-Chem Scholarship

The program is designed to educate students in Chemistry, Physical-Chemistry, Materials Science, and Related Subjects over the course of two years. Students in the SERP-Chem Master’s program will be trained in the most effective experimental and theoretical tools that are used and developed in the field of chemistry. They will also be prepared to become the leading researchers and managers in highly relevant fields such as green chemistry which is based on photon-induced reactions, nano-medicine, and renewable energies, as well as applications of radiations, and so on. This scholarship has a complete funding package.

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Labex MILYON Scholarships to Study in France

This scholarship program is awarded primarily on an annual basis to international students pursuing a Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree who are interested in enrolling in a program that is offered by one of the institutions of the University of Lyon that the labex supports. The program is merit-based. This scholarship program to study in Europe aims to recruit outstanding individuals from around the world to study at institutions that are funded by Labex MILYON. The fellowship provides a monthly stipend equal to one thousand euros (net).

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Ampère Excellence Scholarship

The Ampère Excellence Scholarship is presented by the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon with the intention of encouraging exceptional students from other countries to enroll in master’s degree programs in the exact sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, and other related fields. Those who are awarded this university scholarship will get a stipend of one thousand euros per month for either one or two academic years, depending on which option they choose.

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French Government MOPGA Scholarship for Foreigners

The “Make Our Planet Great Again” (MOPGA) program provides financial assistance to students from other countries so that they can carry out research in France. France, a leading participant in the fight against climate change and a guarantor of the spirit of the Paris Agreement, is the country that conceived the program and brought it into existence. The goal of the initiative is to enhance the scientific contributions to the concerns highlighted by the COPs regarding climate change. In addition, the program intends to encourage people from other countries to carry out research in France on subjects such as Earth systems, climate change and sustainability, energy transition, societal concerns associated with environmental issues, and many more.

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Lebesgue Master Scholarship 

Candidates who are willing to enroll in one of the qualifying Master’s degree programs at the University of Rennes 1, the University of Nantes, the ÉNS Rennes, the University of Bretagne Sud, the University of Bretagne Ouest, and the University of Angers are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Students in mathematics who are enrolling in a second-year (M2) fundamental and applied mathematics pathways Master’s program are eligible to apply for the Henri Lebesgue scholarship. This scholarship is awarded by the Henri Lebesgue Center in collaboration with the Ambition Lebesgue Loire (M1 scholarship in Nantes University) and the Fondation de Rennes 1 and is given out by the Henri Lebesgue Center.

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HEC Paris MBA Scholarships

HEC Paris is recognized as one of the top business schools in the world and is a pioneer in the fields of research and instruction pertaining to management sciences. It provides a one-of-a-kind array of programs specifically crafted for a narrowly focused student population to choose from. All students who are accepted into the MBA program at HEC Paris will be given the chance to submit scholarship applications. Because of the efforts and donations made by the HEC Foundation, the educational establishment is able to provide financial assistance worth more than one million euros annually to students who have been accepted into the program. HEC Paris provides international students from a variety of nations and cultural backgrounds with generous funding opportunities. The amount of the scholarship ranges anywhere from six thousand to twenty-four thousand euros.

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Grenoble Institute of Technology Scholarships

The Grenoble INP Foundation is pleased to provide financial assistance to deserving candidates studying abroad for the master’s degree. It is essential that you submit your application for the master’s degree program of your choice before the deadline for application submissions expires. This scholarship can provide up to 5,000 euros every semester, and it will continue for a maximum of two semesters.

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