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Fully Funded Martinique Scholarships 2023/2024

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Looking for fully funded international scholarships as a Martinique student? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top scholarships available to Martinique students. These scholarships cover a wide range of fields and provide opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies in top universities around the world. With these fully funded scholarships, you can pursue your academic aspirations and gain valuable international experience without worrying about the financial burden. Check out the list below to find the scholarship that’s right for you.

List Of Fully Funded International Scholarships For Martinique Students

We have put together a list of some of the best scholarship opportunities for students.  These scholarships are available for study at any level, from undergraduate to doctoral, at some of France’s most prestigious academic institutions.

American University of Paris (AUP) Scholar Awards

The American University in Paris (AUP) is a private liberal arts college that may be found in Paris, France. It is one of the oldest American colleges located in Europe, having been established in 1962.

At least forty-five percent of the students at AUP receive financial support, and the total sum of this assistance is four million euros. The AUP scholar grants, which cover 75% of the whole cost of tuition, are one example of the organization’s commitment to charitable work. Applicants who are interested in studying for one of the many degrees at the institution can make use of this.

Student scholars are required to finish the prerequisites for the Global Liberal Arts curriculum in order to fulfill the requirements for the AUP. They include instruction in French, English, Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences.

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Université Paris-Saclay (UPS) International Master’s Scholarship Program

The goal of the UPS International Master’s Scholarship program was to make it simpler for international students to enroll in the university, particularly those students who are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree.

This scholarship is open to applications from students from other countries who are enrolled at the UPS and are under the age of thirty. The applicant’s academic history, personal initiatives, and level of interest in furthering their study are taken into consideration during the selection process (for M2 students).

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This prestigious scholarship in France not only covers a portion of the cost of tuition, but it also pays an additional EUR 1,000 ($1,185) to help with travel and visa-related expenditures.

Everyone who receives a scholarship is obligated to complete their internships in either the UPS laboratory or another business located in France.

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International Students MIEM Scholarship Program

The MIEM Scholarship, which is supported by IdEx, was established in order to internationalize the Master’s degrees offered by the university. 91 students who meet the requirements are awarded one of the following bursaries each year:

At the Faculty of Science and Arts & Social Science, it costs EUR 8,000 ($9,490) each student, and there are 35 of them.

The Faculty of Health and the IGPG each awarded EUR 10,000 ($11,865) to their students, with 28 and 7 students receiving awards, respectively.

Candidates who have been selected for further consideration at these faculties’ may submit an application for this scholarship in France, provided that they meet the prerequisites for eligibility. For applicants to the M1 program, a high school diploma or its equivalent is necessary, whereas students applying to the M2 program need a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

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École des Ponts ParisTech Scholarships

The École des Ponts ParisTech is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most famous Great Écoles in all of France, having been established in 1747. It is especially well known for its scientific, technology, and engineering programs, which are highly sought after by students from other countries.

A number of scholarship programs have been established by the educational institution in order to support its international students in their academic pursuits. One of these is the prestigious scholarship that is awarded to engineering students in France by the Foundation des Ponts. This scholarship is sponsored by the Foundation des Ponts. It has an average worth of 10,000 euros, which is equivalent to 11,865 dollars.

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In addition, the institution provides a scholarship known as the Social Criteria Scholarship, which calculates the cost of attendance based on the annual income of the student’s family.

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IESEG’s Scholarships in France for International Students

Students who demonstrate exceptional ability can advance to the scholarship level at the IESEG School of Management, which is located in France and is a business school. Scholarship programs are made available to domestic and international students who have outstanding overall academic records and great communication abilities in English. To be eligible for these programs, international students must have been admitted into the business program.

This educational establishment makes a wide variety of financial aid options accessible to students pursuing degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It is essential to keep in mind that these alternatives for financial support could be different based on the college to which you are applying and the nation in which you are currently residing.

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International Excellence Scholarship

Only international candidates who have been hired through Télécom initiatives are eligible for the International Excellence Scholarship. This is supported, as indicated, by the kind hearts of former Télécom employees.

The bursary recipients get is worth EUR 10,000 ($11,865) and is intended to cover the entire cost of their engineering courses.

Nonetheless, payments are made in a single installment each September. This sum is subject to fees, as stated in the scholarship agreement.

As all students, Télécom’s engineering scholars are required to finish a multidisciplinary core curriculum their first year. Specializations at either the Paris or Sophia-Antipolis campus come next.

Winners of this prestigious scholarship in France are free to select any of the 120 courses offered by the institution.

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Paris Dauphine University – PSL Scholarships

The Paris Dauphine University offers both general and international students-only scholarships.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, Dauphine Foundation Award for Master’s Research, and Merit-Based Scholarships for Non-EU Students are three scholarship programs that they only provide to overseas students. Each of these scholarships bases a portion of its decision on the applicant’s academic standing and financial need.

These three scholarships in France offer a variety of benefits, including a monthly stipend or allowance, travel expenses reimbursement, full or partial tuition fee reimbursement, and on-campus housing. The linked link also includes non-exclusive scholarships that cover considerably more.

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University of Technology of Troyes Scholarships

The University of Technology of Troyes (UTT) takes pride in being one of France’s top institutions for studying science and technology. They have ten areas of specialization, including virtual reality, nanotechnology, digital technology, safety and risk management, and networks.

Moreover, UTT provides its own scholarships and supports outside scholarships offered at other universities. One of the outside scholarships they support is the Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence, as was mentioned earlier. Russian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian students can apply for original scholarships. In addition to these French scholarships, all students who require financial aid are also eligible for tuition fee exemption.

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Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA)

If you want to earn a master’s degree in France, you can apply for the CSLA, which is another fully supported scholarship option. Open Society Foundations offers this, however there are strict requirements to qualify. For this scholarship, you’ll need to show that you’re dedicated to being a leader for constructive social change.

A monthly stipend, health insurance, travel expenses linked to your program, and course materials will all be covered by this scholarship in France.

You must provide evidence of a stellar performance history. In addition, you must meet all conditions for obtaining and keeping a student visa.

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