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Fully Funded Malawi Scholarships 2023/2024

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Find funding to cover the costs of your education by applying for scholarships and grants available in Malawi. These scholarships are offered to students from all around the world, including those from Malawi so that they can continue their studies at a higher level. Research the top scholarship opportunities for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree programs that you may apply for in 2023. The following list of scholarships offered in Malawi gives recipients the opportunity to study either in Malawi or elsewhere. Let’s get started by checking out the links that are provided below.

List Of Fully Funded Scholarships In Malawi

Asim Scholarships for African Students at Polytechnic College, Malawi

Apply for the Asim Scholarships to Polytechnic College in order to receive funding for your master’s and doctoral degrees. The application period for the program is currently open for the academic year 2023-2024.

The purpose of the bursary is to provide financial assistance to students from Africa who have their sights set on obtaining a higher education in Malawi.

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Scholarships Programme at Saint Andrew’s International High School, Malawi

For the upcoming school year (2022-2022), Saint Andrew’s International High School will be offering a scholarship program for students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability.

Students in Malawi who are interested in attending high school can benefit from the bursary by receiving financial assistance to cover application fees.

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AU-TWAS Young Scientist National Award in Malawi

It is with great pleasure that the National Commission for Science and Technology in Malawi is announcing the AU-TWAS Young Scientist National Award.

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The program is only available to prospective students who will begin their studies in the research degree program in the year 2023.

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Scholarships at Lilongwe Academy International School, Malawi

Lilongwe Academy International School has a scholarship program for exceptional students who are driven to make a difference in the world.

The goal of the program is to help cover tuition costs for children attending the Malawian institution.

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DAAD In-Country Scholarships at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Malawi

An outstanding scholarship program known as DAAD In-Country Scholarships is being made available by the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources thanks to a collaboration with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Students pursuing a master’s degree or doctorate degree in a field relevant to development who intend to pursue a career in teaching or research at an educational establishment of higher learning will be eligible for the award.

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Master of Science Scholarship for International Students at Malawi Polytechnic

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the subject of environmental health, then you should take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to submit an application for the Master of Science Scholarship that is being made available by the Malawi Polytechnic.

Students from anywhere in the globe and those from Malawi who are interested in enrolling in the master’s program at the Malawi Polytechnic can compete for one of a limited number of available grants.

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ACEPHEM Scholarships in Malawi

If you wish to start your educational path in Malawi with some financing, then applying for one of the ACEPHEM Scholarships will be a glory of fortune for you. The African Centre of Excellence in Public Health and Herbal Medicine is the group responsible for organizing this program.

The purpose of the program is to recognize and honor Malawian students of exceptional ability who are currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program in Malawi.

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First Capital Bank Scholarships in Malawi

It is with great pleasure that we at First Capital Bank announce the availability of the First Capital Bank Scholarships. These awards are intended for exceptionally bright students who reside in Malawi and who aspire to obtain a degree from an esteemed educational institution there.

Students from their home countries who are interested in enrolling in the bachelor’s degree program during the academic session 2022-21 are eligible to apply for the program.

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CHAM Scholarship Program in Malawi

The Christian Health Association of Malawi is providing the Scholarship for the academic year 2022-21 with the assistance of a large number of partners who are involved in both the development and implementation processes.

The intention of the initiative is to give domestic applicants who desire to enroll for the clinical degree in Malawi the opportunity to receive financial aid in doing so.

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FDH Bank Scholarships for Visually Impaired Students in Malawi

For the academic year 2023-24, FDH Bank is excited to provide a total of thirty scholarships to visually impaired students who are enrolled in secondary institutions run by the government in Malawi.

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The purpose of the prizes is to provide domestic students who are visually impaired with encouragement and support. This program is designed to assist students who originate from low-income homes and do not have the financial means to continue their education.

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Pan-Africa Youth Leadership Program for Malawian Students

Applications for participation in the 2023 Pan-Africa Youth Leadership Program are currently being accepted at the U.S. Embassy in Malawi’s Public Affairs Section.

The purpose of the PAYLP is to give students in secondary schools (ages 15–18) and adult educators the opportunity to investigate topics such as entrepreneurship, civic education, youth leadership, economic growth, and respect for diversity.

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Medical Bursaries and Surgical Scholarships in the UK

If you are seeking for a scholarship as well as a way to finance your studies, you should consider submitting an application for the Medical Bursaries and Surgical Scholarships that are being offered by the Beit Trust for the year 2023.

The trust gives out a sizeable number of bursaries on an annual basis with the goal of assisting a diverse group of students and young professionals, from both Africa and the United Kingdom, in pursuing work or studies that will be of use to the countries of Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.

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