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Fully Funded Liechtenstein Scholarships 2023/2024

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Liechtenstein is a small country that does not offer many scholarships, and most of the scholarships available in Liechtenstein are for its citizens. However, they are funded by the Liechtenstein government and designed to provide financial support to outstanding students from around the world seeking to pursue a Master’s or Doctoral degree at one of the universities or research institutions in Liechtenstein.

The scholarship covers all tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs associated with pursuing higher education in Liechtenstein. It is an incredible opportunity for students who want to advance their education and gain a unique cultural experience in a stunning alpine setting.

Liechtenstein is a small, landlocked country located between Austria and Switzerland in the heart of Europe. It is renowned for its scenic landscapes, high quality of life, and exceptional educational institutions. The country’s diverse and multicultural population makes it an ideal location for international students.

List Of Fully Funded Liechtenstein Scholarship

Liechtenstein Institute’s MBA Program Scholarship

The Liechtenstein Institute’s MBA Program Scholarship is a financial aid opportunity for MBA students. The scholarship is offered by the Liechtenstein Institute, an educational organization that promotes international cooperation and dialogue. It is designed to support students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, leadership potential, and a commitment to impact their community and beyond. With this scholarship, students can receive financial assistance to cover tuition fees and expenses of pursuing an MBA degree.

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Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) Scholarship

The Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) Scholarship is a program that provides financial support to individuals interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in the field of development cooperation. This scholarship is offered by the Liechtenstein Development Service, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable development in various countries worldwide. The LED scholarship is designed to support students with a solid academic record, practical experience in development cooperation, and a commitment to using their education to impact their community positively and beyond. With this scholarship, students can receive financial assistance to cover tuition fees, travel costs, and other expenses associated with pursuing a postgraduate degree in development cooperation.

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Liechtenstein Government Scholarships

The Liechtenstein Government Scholarships are a range of study grants offered by the Government of Liechtenstein to support international students who wish to study at a university or college in Liechtenstein. The scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, as well as the student’s potential to contribute positively to their field of study and the international community. The scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation costs, and a monthly stipend to cover living expenses. These scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate studies in various disciplines, including social sciences, engineering, and business studies. The Liechtenstein Government Scholarships provide excellent opportunities for students to receive a high-quality education in an international and multicultural environment.

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Fully Funded International Scholarships For Liechtenstein Students

As we stated earlier, Liechtenstein is a relatively small country, so scholarships offered there are limited. Students should search for alternatives in the nearest and neighboring countries in situations like this. Switzerland is closeby, and we will be examining some of its scholarships meant for international students

Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students

Scholarships for Government Excellence are given out annually by the Swiss Confederation to encourage international collaboration and communication in research and education between Switzerland and more than 180 other nations. The research scholarship is open to post-graduate researchers from any field (who possess a master’s degree or higher as a minimum) who intend to come to Switzerland to conduct research or further studies at the doctorate or post-doctoral level. The scholarship is awarded for one year. A monthly payment, waiver of tuition fees, health insurance, flight cost, housing allowance, and other expenses are all included in the scholarship package.

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University of Lausanne Master’s Grants

The master’s scholarship for overseas students has sent shockwaves worldwide, thanks to the University of Lausanne, a prestigious Swiss institution. Highly qualified individuals are strongly urged to apply for this scholarship if they are serious about pursuing a master’s degree at one of the world’s top universities outside the United States. More than that, the stunning scenery will allow you to study every day with a clear head and help you develop in a natural setting. Only students with an excellent academic record who have graduated from an international university are eligible for this. You need a solid grasp of French or English to appreciate the instructional methods fully.

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University of Basel Scholarships for International Students

The University of Basel Scholarships are a good opportunity for students trying to cover their educational costs. Students from developing nations who work part-time jobs alongside their education and find it challenging to work around the exam schedule are urged to take advantage of this chance. The recipients of the scholarships are given monies at the end of the year and at the beginning of each semester in an adequate amount to meet their necessities. Moreover, scholarships are available for medicine, biology, and overseas students. For those pupils with little financial resources, this will revolutionize their careers.

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Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

The Institute devotes a significant amount of its resources to providing financial assistance to lure brilliant academics from all over the world, irrespective of their countries of origin or levels of wealth. A complete scholarship of 20,000 Swiss Francs (CHF), a half scholarship of 10,000 Swiss Francs (CHF), a tuition discount, or a teaching/research assistantship are all possible types of financial assistance. Also, a four-year package consisting of two years of a full scholarship and two years of a teaching assistantship is available to the doctoral students with the highest rankings.

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ETH Excellence Scholarships

The Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP), which covers the entire study and living costs of the students, and the Master Scholarship Programme (MSP), in which students receive a partial stipend and the offer of an assistantship, are the two scholarship programs that ETH Zurich uses to support outstanding students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree at ETH. These students can come from the ETH or other universities (both national and international), and they can come from anywhere in the world.

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IMD MBA Scholarships for International Students

The IMD MBA Scholarship Program is intended for the brightest and most promising overseas students who have been prevented from continuing their education by financial constraints. If you believe you can make a difference in the world through your tireless and committed work values and are ready to turn your dreams into a quality-driven workplace, you should apply for this position. The scholarships were designed to encourage diversity, inclusivity, and meritocracy among recipients. By offering these scholarships, Switzerland hopes to bring together talented individuals worldwide to help drive economic growth in Switzerland. Women worldwide are encouraged to apply for these scholarships because they provide financial support to those who need it most.

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