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Fully Funded Scholarships in Ireland For International Students 2023/2024

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Fully Funded Ireland Scholarships

Applications for the fully-funded Ireland Scholarships 2023-2024 can be submitted online at any of the universities in Ireland. These scholarships can be used for a variety of degree programs.

Ireland, which is one of the most sought-after study destinations in Europe, is the home of educational institutions that are both traditional and up-to-date. There are over 24 institutions of higher education in Ireland that provide instruction in subjects such as business, economics, humanities, life sciences, and computer sciences. Undergraduate students from other European countries attending an Irish university do not have to pay tuition.

The experience of studying in Ireland can be enriching. The people have a pleasant disposition, the history is abundant, and the land is teeming with natural beauty, works of literature, and significant landmarks. Because it is so close to the United Kingdom, you will easily access many of its major cities, including London, Edinburgh, Brighton, and Oxford.

List Of Fully Funded Ireland Scholarships

The city where you choose to pursue your education will significantly impact the overall cost of living. It ranges anywhere between 7,000 and 12,000 Euros. Studying in Ireland comes at a substantial financial investment, one that is typically greater than the expenses incurred at the majority of educational institutions located in Europe.

Because of this, we have compiled a list of the best scholarships made available by the Irish government and universities.

Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarships

The Irish government offers scholarships for advanced study at the postgraduate level in collaboration with the Department of Education and Skills. Students working toward a research-based Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, or Direct Doctor of Philosophy degree will be eligible to receive it. It is a highly competitive grant, and only 18 percent of applicants are selected to receive funding. It has ties to several excellent educational institutions located in Ireland. It is awarded to students in their final year of an undergraduate program or their first year of a postgraduate program (master’s or PhD). The course levels at which it can be earned are listed above.

Winners of the scholarship will receive a waiver of tuition fees for the duration of the scholarship year, in addition to a stipend covering annual living expenses of 10,000 Euros. Please be aware that this scholarship is only available to students who are not citizens of countries that are part of the EU or EEA and have committed to studying in Ireland for the entirety of their academic careers. According to a rough estimate, the academic year 2023-24 will show the distribution of approximately sixty scholarships.

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University College Cork Scholarship

Scholarships are being made available through a partnership between the FDC Group and University College Cork for students from EU countries. Students who are committed to obtaining a Master of Science degree in agriculture, management, sustainability, or marketing are eligible for this award. The winning students will receive a scholarship for 12,500 EUR, which will be applied toward the cost of their education.

There will be a total of six awards given out, and to be considered for one of them, candidates will need to demonstrate that they are proficient in the English language, even if they have already earned a degree in another field. In addition to submitting academic and professional references, applicants must include a personal statement describing their aspirations and why they are interested in participating in the program.

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Trinity College Funding for Non-EU Students

The Global Business Program Scholarship is a new opportunity for undergraduate students at Trinity College Dublin to receive financial support through a scholarship program. This scholarship has a value of 5,000 Euros, and the money it provides will reduce the amount the recipients have to pay for their education. This will only cover a portion of the tuition for students in their first year of undergraduate studies in the field of business, and it will only be available to students who are not from the EU.

The candidates for the scholarship need to demonstrate that they fulfill or go above and beyond the admission requirements. If English is not their first language, they must provide evidence that they are proficient in the language. Only then will they be considered for the award. A minimum score of 6.5 or higher on the IELTS is required.

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National College of Ireland

Students are encouraged to submit their applications to the National College of Ireland to participate in the International Higher Diploma program offered in computer science and bioscience. The value of the award is two thousand euros. These funds are entirely at the discretion of the students awarded to them. It is not necessary to submit a separate application for the grant. When the students complete the admissions process, they will immediately be considered for the award.

The academic history of the applicants will be given the most weight in the deliberation process by the committee. The National College of Ireland provides its graduates with access to a variety of bridging courses, diplomas, certifications, and pre-programs master’s that can assist them in expanding their knowledge base in the fields in which they have demonstrated an interest.

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University of Limerick Scholarships

The Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick is currently accepting scholarship applications for both the undergraduate and graduate levels of study. These awards are intended for students who are not citizens of EU countries and will help pay for the recipients’ educational expenses. The grant has a yearly value of 1,500 Euros, and students who maintain a satisfactory academic record are eligible to receive it even in subsequent years of their education, provided that they continue to meet the program’s requirements.

Programs in the arts, humanities, health and social sciences, business, and engineering are among those that are available to students. The minimum score required to pass the IELTS is 6.5, while the minimum score needed to pass the TOEFL is 90. Because there are only so many scholarships available, students rarely win one simply by meeting the requirements listed on the application.

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DCU Business School Scholarships

Through the IAA Geoffrey O’Byrne White Memorial funding, the Business School at Dublin City University provides financial assistance to international students who wish to pursue their education in Ireland. This scholarship is open to graduate students and pays for a master’s degree in management with a concentration in aviation leadership that is completed full-time. The prize is 5,000 EUR and is open to applicants from inside and outside of the EU.

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Students receiving financial assistance for their education from their employers or any other form of government sponsorship are ineligible for this award. However, only students who have already been awarded a SUSI grant are eligible to apply. Before applying for the grant, students must first enroll in the MSc degree program. If English is not their primary language, they will need to provide evidence that they are proficient in the language.

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Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Scholarships

Around eight scholarships are being made available to Chinese students through the Claddagh Scholarship Program, which the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology runs. This award is open to undergraduate and graduate students at any of GMIT’s five campuses and can be used for either degree level. The prize for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree contributes approximately 1,000 Euros toward the cost of tuition. In comparison, the award for students pursuing a master’s degree contributes 2,000 Euros toward the cost of tuition. This scholarship program was initiated by the Minister of Education in Ireland and is currently supported by the Ministry of Education and Skills in Ireland.

In addition, GMIT provides non-EU students with the opportunity to win scholarships. Students from outside the EU who have achieved an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher will waive 15 per cent of their tuition fees. The students’ countries of origin are also considered when awarding the scholarships. This grant will cover five to fifteen per cent of the recipient’s annual tuition costs.

Students have the potential to be considered for many types of scholarships, including those based on their language competency and those based on their country of origin. Should this be the case, they will be eligible for a more significant discount on their overall tuition costs.

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