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Fully Funded Scholarships in Cyprus For International Students 2023/2024

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Fully Funded Cyprus Scholarships 2023

We have compiled the numerous Fully Funded Scholarships in Cyprus available For International Students in 2023/2024.

Students already enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate programs interested in furthering their education in Europe may now apply for Cyprus Scholarships without the Requirement of IELTS in 2023 for the Academic Year 2023-2024. Cyprus is often regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful nations. The educational system in Cyprus receives around 7 percent of the total budget for government spending. Programs in Tourism and Hospitality are among the most sought-after degrees in Cyprus, and a number of the country’s colleges offer them.

The higher education system is heavily influenced by North American overtones, which means that students have the freedom to pick the number of topics they wish to focus on throughout each semester. The price of an education at one of Cyprus’s universities might range anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 Euros.

List Of Fully funded Scholarships in Cyprus

The scholarships offered in Cyprus are typically only half supported since the entirely funded scholarships are set aside for students pursuing a Ph.D. However, students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels are eligible to apply for and receive fully financed scholarships.

The following is a comprehensive list of all of the top scholarships in Cyprus that do not need students to have a particular IELTS score to be admitted:

Cyprus International Institute of Management Scholarships

These scholarships are offered in the academic areas of business administration, human resources, public policy, and finance, and students at the undergraduate and graduate levels are eligible to apply for them. Seven scholarships are entirely financed at this time (with a total worth 82,000 EUR). The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is not necessary to apply for this scholarship offered by the Cyprus International Institute.

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Dean’s Awards by the Cyprus Institute

Students working toward a doctoral degree at the Cyprus Institute can apply for the Dean’s Distinguished Award, which is presented to outstanding doctoral candidates in the subjects of environmental sciences, atmospheric sciences, and computational sciences. The scholarship money will continue for the whole of the program and will pay for the student’s tuition and bench fees (up to 16,000 EUR) and provide a monthly stipend (14,000 EUR per year).

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University of West Scotland Scholarships (North Cyprus Branch)

These scholarships are open to applications from students from other countries enrolled in a master’s degree program at the University of West Scotland in Cyprus. Thanks to funding from the Management Center of the Mediterranean (MCM), these are made possible.

The University of West Scotland does not mandate that prospective students provide an IELTS score. It provides a tuition fee remission of up to 75 percent (beginning at 25 percent) depending on the overall academic profile of the applicants.

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University of Nicosia Scholarships

Full-time students at the University of Nicosia are eligible for various scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial help, including those based on academic excellence, financial need, athletic achievement, and participation in on-campus work-study programs. The University of Nicosia does not mandate that prospective students have a particular IELTS score. The actual amount of the allowance will be decided upon after considering the student’s family income and several other socio-economic factors.

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Doctoral Scholarships at the University of Cyprus

The fields of political science and social science are also eligible for consideration for these Ph.D. scholarships. As a result of the fact that this award is intended for new students, existing students do not have the opportunity to apply. The scholarship has an annual value of 12,000 Euros, which will be distributed in a monthly stipend of 1,333 Euros over nine months (since the scholarship does not provide a wage during the summer months).

The University of Cyprus does not need candidates to submit IELTS scores to be considered for admission. Those awarded the scholarship will also be considered for an additional grant of 800 euros to help fund their travel expenses for conducting research in other countries.

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University of Cyprus Scholarships

New students interested in enrolling in a conventional Ph.D. program at the University of Cyprus can apply for either full or partial support. These awards are granted to students who have shown exceptional academic achievement. They may come in the form of either full scholarships (which cover tuition costs and an annual stipend of €8,000) or half scholarships (i.e. full coverage of tuition fees). In addition to this, the University of Cyprus is also offering partial scholarships to new students who want to enroll in a traditional Master’s degree program. These scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic performance and cover fifty percent of the cost of their schooling.

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University of Central Lancashire Scholarships (UCLAN)

At the University of Central Lancashire, students working toward obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in mathematics are eligible for this grant (UCLAN). An English university has a campus in Lancashire, where UCLan is located. At the University of Central Lancashire, taking the IELTS test is not required for admission. The top 10 applicants will each get a waiver of some portion of their tuition fees. The tuition fee that may be waived is up to fifty percent of the total.

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Neapolis University Scholarships 

Neapolis University is accepting scholarship applications from incoming students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. There are ten scholarships available, and each scholarship consists of a reduction or elimination of the recipient’s tuition fee (10 percent to 50 percent).

The exemption from the IELTS requirement for admission into Neapolis University is a positive development. It is expected that high school seniors who apply for this scholarship will have earned very high grades in both mathematics and physics during their senior year.

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Cyprus University of Technology Scholarships

The University awards the following sorts of scholarships annually, using the total money generated by tuition fees for postgraduate courses and other sources of revenue not covered by the state grant:

  1. Social Support Scholarships for Masters Level Students
  2. Social Support Scholarships for PhD level students
  3. Scholarships of Academic Excellence for new entrants to doctoral programs
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