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Fully Funded Belarus Scholarships 2023/2024

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Those Interested in receiving financial assistance for their undergraduate, Doctoral or postdoctoral studies, can check this page for some recent information about international scholarships. These scholarships are offered by educational institutions and governmental bodies outside the country. Below is the list of the scholarships available to both Belarus and international students, they range from fully to partially funded. Ensure you take your time and review these grants, then choose the one that best fits your need.

List Of Fully Funded International Scholarships For Belarus Students

Boren Awards

The Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO) is behind an initiative known as the Boren Awards. The purpose of this program is to further globalize the United States by providing financial support to American students who wish to expand their knowledge of international affairs and foreign languages by studying abroad.

It is comprised of two distinct components: the Boren Scholarship, which is awarded to undergraduate students and has a maximum award of $8,000 or $25,000; and the Boren Fellowship, which is awarded to graduate students and has a grant ceiling of either $12,500 or between $25,000 and $30,000, depending on the length of time spent participating in the immersion.

Because Belarus is included on the list of preferred countries, prospective students who are interested in studying Belarusian and/or Russian should consider applying for this scholarship in Belarus. Unlike the majority of other grants, the Boren Awards does not place a maximum or minimum proficiency requirement on its prospects as well.

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Visegrad Scholarship Program

The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia (collectively referred to as “the V4”) founded the Visegrad Fund to foster cooperation and fortify diplomatic ties between them by financially sponsoring development initiatives like research or projects started by NGOs. There are three different scholarship programs available: incoming, intra-visegrad, and outgoing. The third category (Out-Going), which is open to anyone from the V4 pursuing or finished with their Master’s, is for international students who aspire to study in Belarus.

Each student who receives this Belarus scholarship will get €2,300/semester (as of 2018) for a maximum of 4 semesters, and they will also be entitled to apply for travel funds.

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Erasmus+ Programme

The European Union (EU) established the ERASMUS project in 1987. It is an initiative encouraging student mobility between European regions. The creation of a European Education Area is the driving force behind this Belarus scholarship, which offers a variety of options for both individuals and organizations.

By promoting international student exchanges between its program and partner nations, of which Belarus is one, it makes it possible for students to pursue studies and internships overseas.

Scholarships range in length from three to twelve months (or even twenty-four months), and they pay all anticipated fees for the receiving institution (i.e. tuition, library access, registration). Depending on the situation, such as living expenses and availability, an Erasmus Grant may also be given to assist eligible students in covering everyday expenses such as travel. The monthly amount of these grants for the 2018–2019 cycle ranged from €300 to €350.

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German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the largest organization of its kind in the world. Since it was founded in 1925, it has provided financial assistance to approximately 2.6 million students and has given grants to students from both Germany and other countries so that they can pursue research or study opportunities in other countries.

Among its various offers, the greatest deal for individuals interested studying in Belarus (and learning German) would be the Jahresstipendien für Studienaufenthalte im Ausland (undergraduate program) and its counterpart, Stipendien für ein Masterstudium im Ausland (master’s program). The period of the scholarship may change, but it will almost always come with insurance benefits, a travel allowance, a set amount of money to be awarded each month, and tuition subsidies of up to €2,500 every academic year.

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Fulbright Scholarships

Due to its numerous collaborations and advantages, the Fulbright Program has earned a reputation as one of the exchange programs that receives the highest praise from critics. Health insurance, a stipend, and temporary non-competitive eligibility (NCE) status inside the U.S. federal government are typically included in their grants.

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Sadly, its Student Program to Belarus has been halted for the Academic Year 2021–2022. On the plus side, overseas students who want to get experience teaching English in Belarus can still apply to the English Teaching Assistant Awards program.

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Skoltech University Scholarship

The Masters and Ph.D. Full Scholarships to International Students are available as scholarships. Free Study in Russia is a service that Skoltech University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are providing. Private Skoltech University can be found in Moscow, Russia. You could claim that studying in Russia is a well-liked option for pupils because there are hundreds of them.

IELTS and TOEFL are not required. There is no application fee for this scholarship. This scholarship program offers options across a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. The Master’s Degree Scholarship is available for 2 years, while the Ph.D. Degree Scholarship is available for 4 years. To apply for the Skoltech University Scholarship in Russia 2023, we strongly urged you.

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Full-Tuition HSE Scholarships for International Students 

At the National Research University Higher School of Economics, the HSE Scholarship Program is now accepting applications for both full- and partial-tuition awards. These are scholarships awarded on the basis of academic merit, and they are available to students from other countries who are enrolled in master’s degree programs in 2023.

One of the most prestigious and extensive educational institutions in Russia is the Higher School of Economics of the National Research University. The university is particularly strong in the fields of business, sociology, mathematics, and computer science, as well as design, media communications, and design.

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Fahrenheit Universities International Scholarships

Young researchers working on their doctoral dissertations should seize this chance to apply for one of the scholarships being granted by the Fahrenheit Universities in Poland for the 2023–2024 academic year.

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To qualify for this Fahrenheit Universities International Scholarship program, students must enroll in a PhD program at the Medical University of Gdask, Gdask University of Technology, or the University of Gdask. The selected students will receive PLN 6,500 (net) per month in benefits.

The Rectors of the Medical University of Gdask, the Gdask University of Technology, and the University of Gdask together requested the establishment of the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdask. Making the best use of the assets and potential of the three universities that make up the Union is the Union’s most crucial duty.

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Warsaw University of Technology International Scholarships

This Warsaw University of Technology International Scholarship was created to help high-potential individuals who aspire to enroll in the university’s PhD program.

One of the top technological universities in Poland and one of the biggest in Central Europe is the Warsaw University of Technology. There are 357 professors among its 2,453 teaching faculty members. A majority of the 36,156 students are full-time. There are 19 faculties, which encompass practically all areas of technology and science.

Each doctorate student at Warsaw University of Technology will get a PLN 2,372 monthly scholarship. It is funded for a maximum of four years’ worth of study at the Doctoral School, including summer breaks. Doctoral academics are required to have accident insurance, a retirement and disability pension, and other benefits.

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SWPS University Scholarships of Social Sciences and Humanities

Scholarships in a variety of subjects are available to students from other countries through the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. The studentships are offered to students who are applying to undergraduate programs in English leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

The SWPS Institution of Social Sciences and Humanities, also known as simply SWPS University, is a private university in Poland that is connected to the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology and Institute of Psychology.

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