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Fully Funded International Scholarships For Guam Students 2023/2024

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Fully funded international scholarships are now open for applications, providing a golden opportunity to soar beyond your borders and gain a global perspective on your field of study. Imagine studying in a foreign land, and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds, all while having your tuition, accommodation, travel, and other expenses taken care of. Don’t let financial constraints hold you back from reaching your full potential. Apply now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth

List Of Fully Funded International Scholarships For Guam Students

Fully Funded Scholarship at Hansen Summer Institute

The Hansen Leadership Institute has extended an invitation to the Hansen Summer Institute Summer Exchange Program for 2023 to take place in the United States of America. In the United States of America, there is a program called the HSI Program that is an exchange for leaders in the field of peacemaking. The Hansen Scholarship is an exchange program that is wholly sponsored and free of charge, and it will pay for all of your living expenses while you are in the United States studying abroad. A cultural immersion experience, the Hansen Summer Institute in the United States lasts for three weeks. The HSI Summer School is accepting applications from students from the United States as well as other nations.

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Emerging Global Leaders Scholarships

Apply for American University’s Emerging Global Leaders Scholarships. For international students who are pursuing upper secondary or college education in their home countries, the scholarship is completely funded. On the Washington, DC, campus, there will be an Emerging Global Leader Scholarship event. All international students with dual citizenship or citizenship from a country other than the US are welcome to apply for this USA Scholarship online without difficulty.

The prize is given to undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. Proof of English language proficiency is necessary to be eligible for this award. Even the Duolingo Language Test could be used to apply. The chosen pupils’ entire financial outlay will be covered by the American government. The American University offers more than 140 undergraduate, graduate, master’s, and certificate programs.

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MCW Young Leaders Fellowship Program

The Young Leaders Access Program is a remarkable 10-day, fully-funded exchange program in New York, USA. It was formerly known as the MCW Young Leaders Fellowship Program 2023. The application is open to all foreign applicants from every continent. There is no usage fee. IELTS or TOEFL prerequisites are not necessary. The USA’s free exchange program is amazing. All academic disciplines and majors are eligible for this summer exchange program because it is not an academic one. The MCW Young Leaders Fellowship will cover all expenses, including flight travel. All undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students are eligible to apply.

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SUSI Leadership Summer Exchange Program

Applications are currently being accepted for the SUSI Leadership Summer Exchange Program, which will take place in the United States in 2023. All foreign students from across the world are welcome to apply to participate in the SUSI Students Leader Program in the United States of America.

The funding for its Summer Exchange Program is in its entirety. Students currently enrolled in any type of undergraduate degree program are eligible to apply for the SUSI 2023 Summer Exchange Program United States. This is the most desirable opportunity for the most talented and talented young people.

Students of any educational background may submit an application for consideration to participate in this exchange program. Those who are successful in their application will have the opportunity to spend five to six weeks at the University of Massachusetts in the United States between the months of late June and early August. There is no need to take the TOEFL or the IELTS. There is no requirement for a CGPA. In addition, applicants for the SUSI Exchange Program 2023 do not need to submit a copy of their passport at the time of application.

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AAUW International Fellowships 

The American Association of University Women has made the forthcoming class scholarships public knowledge through an official announcement. It is widely considered to be among the most prestigious educational institutions in the entire globe. The American Association of University Women is currently taking applications for its overseas fellowships that will be offered between the years 2022 and 2023.

Students who are members of the board of directors, committees, panels, task forces, or staff of the American Association of University Women (including current interns) are now eligible to apply for the organization’s international fellowships. This includes students who are currently interning for the organization. A person who is currently the recipient of an award is eligible to run for public office and can also be assigned to various boards, committees, and other advisory bodies.

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ICSP Scholarships at the University of Oregon 

Students from other countries who have demonstrated both exceptional academic achievement and a significant financial need are encouraged to submit an application for the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) Scholarship.

Applications for the Overseas Cultural Service Program are accepted from international students who may provide evidence of their significant financial hardship and outstanding merit (ICSP).

Participants in the ICSP program are required to do 80 hours of cultural service each year as part of the program’s requirements. As part of your cultural service, you can take part in international events held on campus, or you might give talks or demonstrations about the history and culture of your country to local schools or groups serving the local community.

The amount of the scholarship awarded to each ICSP candidate ranges from $9,000 to $15,000 per year and is based on the candidate’s individual level of demonstrated financial need.

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Funded Scholarship at Troy University

In addition to its four campuses located in Alabama, Troy University currently welcomes applicants from sixty different teaching locations located in seventeen other states and eleven other countries. There are over one hundred thousand people who have graduated high school or college in each of the fifty states in the United States and in other countries.

According to Forbes’ rankings for 2019, Troy University is the 640th best university in the United States. The complete ranking on Forbes’ website, which also takes into account how well a graduate does after entering the workforce, is used to determine how valuable the degrees that university students earn.

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Fully Funded Scholarship at the University of Memphis

Scholarships at the University of Memphis are available to students from other countries, and they cover the whole cost of attendance. This award is open to students pursuing degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Institution of Memphis is a public research university that was established in the year 1912 and is situated in Memphis, Tennessee. The majority of University of Memphis students call the student housing complex that is located to the south of the main campus their home.

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As a result of participating in this, you will have the chance to experience living in a diverse community and making the most of it. The Undergraduate Degree Program will last for 4 years, and the Master’s Degree Program will last for 2 years for the duration of this scholarship’s program time.

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ECMC Foundation Scholarships

Applications for the International ECMC Foundation Grants in the USA are now being accepted from deserving candidates for fully funded ECMC Foundation Scholarships. The ECMC Foundation is in charge of organizing the program.

The program’s objectives include supporting adult basic education and assisting individuals in earning a high school equivalency diploma or a general educational development credential. Applications are now being accepted for the academic year 2022–2023.

ECMC Foundation is a nationwide organization with a Los Angeles base that works to enhance postsecondary outcomes for students from underrepresented communities. It is one of numerous affiliates that make up the Minneapolis-based ECMC Group company that collaborate to support students’ academic success.

They want to make long-term investments that boost academic achievement among marginalized students as they become ready for postsecondary education and rewarding professions, either independently or by leveraging the work of other nonprofit, governmental, private, and philanthropic partners.

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Fully Funded DC Lead Scholarships

Scholarships for a Master’s in Digital Communication Leadership (DCLead) that are fully funded by DCLead take an international, interdisciplinary, and academically rigorous approach to the rapidly expanding field of digital communication.

Future leaders in the field of digital communication will benefit from the program’s emphasis on a social and ethical perspective on the medium rather than a purely technological one.

This curriculum takes a leadership-focused approach that integrates economics, management, technology, media, and communication with an emphasis on social responsibility and the ethical and cultural dimensions of digital discourse.

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