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Fully Funded Scholarships in LAOS For International and LAOS Students 2023/2024

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Fully Funded LAOS Scholarships 2023/2024

The Laos government is officially accepting online applications from both domestic and international students for the fully-funded LAOS Government Scholarships. Be aware that few LAOS universities offer scholarships or require IELTS for admission.

To receive a top-notch education in their lives in preparation for a better and more prosperous future is the dream of every motivated and gifted student. Whatever their level of privilege or lack thereof. For these reasons, students don’t hesitate to travel to far-flung places like Korea, Canada, America, etc.

But a few other well-known and renowned locations offer exceptional education and several generous scholarship programs for deserving applicants. Laos is one of those historically significant nations in Asia actively promoting students’ education. In this article, we will explore the academic opportunities that are currently available in Laos.

It’s a less well-known nation that only a few foreign candidates have chosen. However, if you enjoy traveling and exploring new places, this picturesque nation of forests and landlocked one is the best option. However, one of the reasons why people love to study in Laos is because of the country’s universities’ tuition-free education programs and the country’s laid-back and peaceful lifestyle.

List Of Fully Funded LAOS Scholarships

Before applying for admission here, it is essential to learn all pertinent information about Laos’ universities and their programs for local and international students.

The following is a list of some of Laos’s most illustrious academic institutions that have become well-known worldwide for their excellent teaching standards and cutting-edge instruction strategies.

National University of Laos Scholarships

As one of the newest universities in Laos and the world, the National University of Laos was established in 1996 and currently enrolls the most significant number of students. According to statistical data, approximately 23,000 students and 1,800 staff members attend the school. This university is well known for having 13 faculties offering many different degree programs across five luxurious campuses. Both domestic and international students may enroll at the National University of Laos. It costs $1,530 a year in tuition for international applicants.

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To get a free education at the National University of Laos, however, you can apply for one of their scholarships.

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Souphanouvong University Scholarships

In the city of Luang Prabang, which was once the capital of Laos, is Souphanouvong University, founded in 2003. Prince Souphanouvong, Laos’ first president, inspired the naming of this university. On its two campuses, it offers around 20-degree programs in a range of subjects, including;

  • economy,
  • education,
  • tourism,
  • civil engineering,
  • business.

Depending on the course schedule, the application fees for local students are assessed slightly differently. However, the cost for international students will be $1,270 a year. If not, a person can apply for the fully funded Souphanouvong University Scholarships to avoid paying tuition.

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Savannakhet University Scholarships

Candidates from outside of Thailand can receive a top-notch education at Savannakhet University for an annual application fee of $903. There are 321 employees and 3,000 students spread across nine faculties. Contrarily, this university has less scholarship funding and is not as developed as the others.

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Lao-Korean College Scholarships

The President’s Scholarship, the J.L. Scholarship, and numerous other scholarships are offered to enrolled students at this Lao-Korean college, which is well-known for doing so. This college’s primary academic specialties are accounting and information technology, and it has four departments. Laos and Korea’s funding of this college is an intriguing fact about it.

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University of Health Sciences Laos Scholarships

In addition to being one of the least expensive universities in Laos, the University of Health Sciences of Laos is one of the most significant academic institutions in the nation. The University of Health Sciences of Laos’ application procedure is quicker and easier. But it does provide a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Medicine. Candidates must submit their IELTS score, passport, transcripts, and other documents to be considered for admission.

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Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

This type of scholarship is offered to students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in painting, drawing, etc. One of the many advantages of this scholarship program is that applications can be submitted at any time. In addition to the fact that it is a funding program in part, this scholarship is open to individuals of any nationality.

This LAOS scholarship is open to submissions from all artists, including painters, sculptors, and other similar creatives. On the other hand, the National University of Laos is giving the students who are enrolled there the incredible opportunity to get their hands on this program to enhance their skills, which is an excellent thing. The individuals who are successful in being awarded this scholarship will have their initial educational expenses covered by a grant of up to fifteen thousand Canadian dollars (CAD). On the other hand, the second and third grants are each worth 18,000 Canadian Dollars.

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Lao-Korean College Scholarships

The fact that Lao-Korean College is awarding three scholarships to students considered to be the most qualified has caused a stir in the surrounding area. All of these scholarships are given to selected enrolled students who have demonstrated academic excellence, merit, and other relevant skills to the program. These scholarships include the following:

Scholarships awarded by the President are a particular category of the award that is reserved solely for incoming students who hold the highest class standing at their institution.

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J.L. Scholarships: This scholarship will be awarded to the selected candidate only if there is an excellent reason for doing so. However, the final decision-making authority rests solely with the college’s administration.

Scholarships awarded by the Nehemia Society are reserved solely for the most deserving students in each academic division. In the meantime, the icing on the cake is that students awarded scholarships are exempt from paying any portion of their tuition.

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Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Short Term Grant

Candidates who are interested in furthering their education in Armenian studies by earning a Master’s degree or Ph.D. may submit an application for this scholarship, which will provide partial funding for their education. The deadline for submission of applications for this scholarship is the 10th of December in 2022. The winners of the scholarships will each receive a grant of up to 5,000 Euros.

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Australia Award Scholarships by Vientiane College

Local and international students in Laos are eligible to receive Australia Award Scholarships, which are being jointly provided by Vientiane College and the other donor governments. It is accessible to students at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels, as well as TAFE students.

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IAL Research Grants for Doctoral Studies

International students interested in pursuing doctoral degrees at the National University of Laos and the Institute of Adult Learning are eligible to apply for IAL Research grants. This award is open to students enrolled in programs leading to a Ph.D. degree. Candidates who are interested in applying for the position must do so before the deadline, which is May 31st, 2022. This type of grant pays for a variety of benefits, including tuition stipends of up to $100,000 and student expenses on a monthly basis, to make life easier for students.

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